Matthew James Thompson

Jamais Vu

jamais vu

I always love watching other people take pictures, and I can’t help but think about all the images I inevitably end up in the background of. When I’m unprepared for it or posing or trying to smile… I think it’d be interesting to see an album of those moments, somehow they just seem more true to how I experienced it.


Writer | Adam Cote & MJT
Produced by | Zein Zubi
Sound Design | Josh Wilson
Color Correction | Evan Allen
Titlecard | Erinn Springer

Kara Buckley
Alexander Beisner
Katharina Manz
Jette Beisner
Jonathan Lozano
Lauren Broussard

Special Thanks:
Beverly Cote, Matt Schaff, Fabian Perez

A Hunting Incident_Conform 5-1.00_01_08_11.Still006.jpg
A Hunting Incident_Conform 5-1.00_02_55_21.Still009.jpg
A Hunting Incident_Conform 5-1.00_00_46_13.Still004.jpg
A Hunting Incident_Conform 5-1.00_03_06_00.Still010.jpg
A Hunting Incident_Conform 5-1.00_04_27_07.Still013.jpg