Matthew James Thompson



I work closely with a team at Google called Unskippable Labs to study what people watch on the web. We've done experiments repurposing footage from existing commercials as well as creating commercials for fake brands and testing what people watch.


Mobile Recut Experiment

Working with BBDO and Mountain Dew, we re-cut commercials to test what people would watch on Mobile versus traditional media outlets.

Unskippable anthem

This is an anthem film used to help explain the mission statment for Unskippable Labs.

Dr. Fork

Google wanted to test what is commonly accepted within the world of food advertising. We set out to break as many of the "rules" we could along the way to see what would happen.

You can see the fake commercials we created here.

The project was picked up by many news outlets, here are a few:

Google x Westworld

WestWorld wanted to expand upon the audience from season 1.