Matthew James Thompson

Field Notes

Field Notes

Winner: Hatch Awards 4 GOLD Medals
Winner: IAC Outstanding Online Video
Winner: Addys Silver Medal
Finalist: London International Advertising Awards
Finalist: Golden Award of Montreux
Finalist: New York Festivals Advertising Competition
Featured in L├╝rzer's Archive issue 1/2016
Also Featured in Adweek // Forbes // Campaign Live // InspireMore // NY Egotist // St. Louis Egotist


Direct to Brand
Executive Producer | Harrison Nalevansky
Writer | Adam Cote & MJT
Voice Over | Jarlath Conroy
Editor | Matt Schaff
Music | Justin Hori for Squeak E Clean Productions
Executive Producer for Squeak E Clean Productions | Carol Dunn
Sound Design | Josh Wilson
Special Thanks:
Explosion Robinson
Whitehouse Post
The Lively, Bessey, Knight, and Thompson families.

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